The home is the greatest investment that most people will undertake. It is the roof over our heads, and the foundation beneath our feet. The home is not just where we hang our hat, it is where we hang our heart. Home is where we find shelter and comfort. Home is where we feel safe and secure. Home is where we build our hopes, dreams, and families. Home is where we plant the seeds for our future. “Home” is a powerful word that encompasses all of these ideas, and many more. We at Humanitarian Developers Inc. are committed to providing you with “the overall experience” in regards to your home, but what does that mean?


We are not only here to work for you, we are here to work with you. From the very beginning to the very end, we will coordinate with your ideas and expectations.

Every renovation and remodel has a purpose, and our trained and certified professionals will discuss your expectations at length.

Bathroom shower in LombardWhat do you hope to see from your remodel?

The “overall experience” includes open discourse and transparency. We will listen to what you want from your remodel, be it to satisfy a particular aesthetic or personal need. We will discuss your budget and work together to help you realize your dream remodel. We will communicate the anticipated timetable based on the work you want done. We will educate you with a step-by-step process of what is necessary to make that dream a reality. When questions arise, be it during the initial consultation or even during the renovation process, our competent staff is prepared to answer all of your questions and fulfill your expectations. If it can be done, we’ll get it done… and we’ll get it done right.

As our very own Ruben Gonzales would say it, “We really look to work hand-in-hand with our customers throughout the whole project. By the end it’s not just the customer… we’ve actually established a friendship.”


From the first appointment to the final day of work, you will receive the very best quality and “overall experience” that Humanitarian Developers Inc. can provide. We respect your time, and inasmuch, we arrive on time.Fireplace

In addition to our crew, we bring expertise from different fields to make sure that it’s done the right way the first time. From electrical, to plumbing, to drywall, you can be assured that the very top of their respective fields is attending each aspect of your home remodel.

Our well-versed project manager will be available onsite to handle any issues, answer any questions, and make sure that your remodel is done on time.

We will be there with you every step of the way to keep it a safe and clean environment for you, our customer. We clean up every day after the job, and we put it back to where it was before we got there in the morning.


As a family owned company, we understand what your home means to you and your family. Part of “the overall experience” means bringing your vision to full realization through personalized home remodeling. Your vision of your ideal home is as broad in scope as your imagination, and we at Humanitarian Developers Inc. are dedicated to that vision. Whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom, or a full home remodel, we have you covered.

More so than even the entranceway, the bathroom is often the foremost and lasting impression that guests will have of your home. We will help you determine what your bathroom says about your home. Your bathroom should be a place of health and wellness. Not only will a bathroom from Humanitarian Developers Inc. provide you the safe and sanitary purpose one requires, it can transcend simple function into beautiful and elegant form. With options like walk-in tubs, steam showers, graceful design, and chic appeal, we can turn your bathroom into your own private spa.

The kitchen is often the very hearth of a home, where the household gathers for nourishment and comfort. It’s where plan our parties, and entertain our friends and family. As a full-service company, we go above and beyond custom cabinetry and countertops. We can open space where there once was none. We can redesign expand your kitchen by optimizing storage, plumbing, electrical and ventilation.

Having partnered with local vendors, we can provide you with a vast selection of the best options and materials for the job.

There’s an old saying: “It’s not the destination, but the journey.” By the time we’ve completed our journey, you should be awed not just by the quality of the end product, but by the entire experience of a home remodel or home renovation.

That, my friends, is “the overall experience.”